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Your new favorite way to connect , share , and shop from people you trust.

Experience live stream video shopping and see why this engaging way of e-commerce is the future of retail. Discover episodes and new products from content creators around the world and shop directly from within the episode.

Lemonadetv is about community, interactiveness and efficiency. We connect consumers, creators and brands. Creators and brands can engage with their viewers in real time. Viewers ask questions, chat live with the creator, get all their questions answered instantly before they buy, and checkout all within one platform!

No more watching a live stream, clicking to another website, having to remember a discount code or fumbling through a confusing checkout process. Now you can purchase products directly from the influencers and creators you trust!

lemonadetv and you.

As a consumer, you can watch the live video stream, browse products being featured, chat with the host and complete your purchase all on lemonadetv.

Our platform is popular with influencers, content creators, social retailers, and e-commerce businesses, but anyone can sell! If you have a product or service you want to feature do it on lemonadetv. Showcase your products on lemonadetv via live stream, answer questions, and engage with your audience or customers in a more interactive way.

Sellers can also connect with brands to sell their products and earn average commissions up to 30%, with brands handling inventory, shipping and returns.

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